We are excited to announce our latest innovative program under the Dance Mouse Banner .This has come about due to the ongoing, numerous requests for a program to introduce little ones to Dance and musical Rhythm in a fun, educational and developmental way. Dance Mouse Tots is aimed at Toddlers from age 15months-35 months. Dancers are then able to transition into the more structured Dance Mouse syllabus classes at Pre schools from 36mths (3yrs).

The Dance Mouse Tots syllabus will incorporate the following:

Tots Class Breakdown​


Beginner class- 1.3yrs -2yrs: (15mths-24mths) classes will be 20-minute duration for toddlers only. With parents participation - 40min

Advanced class- 2yrs-2.11yrs: (24mths-35mths) classes will be 20-minute duration for toddlers only. With parents participation 40min

Syllabus Breakdown


1. Warm-ups  – Creating awareness of the importance of warming up the body in a fun and practical way .

2. Development of the Body using Dance Techniques - Teaching basic dance techniques, posture, head positions, arm & hand positions, feet positions - to name a few…….. The emphasis will focus on fun and repetition in order to strengthen and develop strong bodies, balance skills and movement. 

3. Proprioception- “Where I am in space”, using various props i.e. hedgehogs, wobble boards, Pilates small balls, ribbons, scarves, noodles, liquid & much more……..

Perfect for little bodies that need to explore and grow strong. 

4. Rhythm & Music- teaching musicality, rhythm and timing – incorporating different instruments i.e. triangles, shakers, rhythm sticks etc

5. Direction - Developing movement thru space - develops listening & coping skills.


6. Strengthening exercises incorporating large muscle groups – Strong bodies are Healthy bodies.

7. Stretching Exercises incorporating large muscle groups – Long & strong muscles.

8. Dances- Developing instinctual natural movement and rhythm in children. Sequencing and memory development

9. Dance Mouse team war cry & Linguistic development.

10. Calming time - to stimulate vagus nerve & promote calm and centering

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